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I have been playing with the idea of mocking up a few of my own wordpress themes lately and couldn’t resist sharing this find with you..
The cool cats (yeah, im bringing it back) over at Pro Blog Design have recently put collated a number of WordPress Design Tutorials a whole 26 in fact!

It’s an awesome collection of unique tutorials from a number of different sources and designers, with a number of different techniques and processes!

Here is a small sample and my favourites:

Designing for WordPress: Complete Series & Downloads

How I Learned To Build WordPress Themes

GreenPress WordPress Theme Design

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Good Bye Google Reader – you were good for a fling, but I’ve found something better.


Good Bye Google Reader

– you were good for a fling, but I’ve found something better…

…and it’s

Described as the ‘online magazine rack’ of the web, Alltop lets you know whats going on in hundreds of different topics.
Their clever system will grab the 5 latest headlines  from a number of sites and blogs on a particular subject via a feed and bring them straight to you on a very easy to use interface!

“Ultimately, our goal is to enhance your online reading by displaying stories from sources that you’re already visiting plus helping you discover sources that you didn’t know existed.”

Here is the visual interpretation by Dan Roam

Here are some examples of the sort of pages you can expect

The best Thing about AllTop is that you can create your own customised ‘magazine rack’ simply sign up for an account and add the particular feeds you enjoy!

You can then share your magazine rack with friends and family.

Here’s a little insight into my personal tastes!

Make sure to share your own alltop page with us!