The Beauty Of Rotting Fruit And A Taxidermied Crow


Claire Morgan originally from Belfast got a first class degree in Sculpture from Ulster and Northumbria University.

Claire has made her career as a visual artist, with exhibits across the UK as well as internationally. She developed an interest in the organic, in natural processes, and in the bodily connotations of natural materials.

It is this fascnination that makes the foundation for her sculptural taxidermy installations.

The following installation, fluid for Northumbria University in an exhibition called Building With Colour uses hundreds of strawberries and a taxidermied crow.

Morgan’s sculptural material is ordinary, familiar and everyday, but is transfigured through the rigor of formal composition into becoming resonant with a mysterious melancholic power that allows it to be unfamiliar to us again.”
(Darren Ambrose, Lecturer in Art Theory, Birmingham City University, 2007)

Creative Desks & Workspaces


“It is almost necessary to make sure you love your workspace: because it is at your desk where your best work and ideas are born and developed.”

Well, can’t argue with logic like that! Check out the post here!

It’s always an ardous task when you go to sit down at your desk. In fact, these days just sitting down is half the battle when it comes to completing assignments or doing some work. For this very reason, you might as well make your work space an attractive one. Over at La Couturier, this is exactly what her latest post suggests you should do.

Fashion blogger and writer for DuJour mag,  ‘La Couturier’ knows her stuff. In this latest post, entitled My Space she gives you all the advice you need to revamp your work space and make it an inspiring and oh-so pretty one.

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Guy Sargent – Photographer


Photographer, Guy Sargent from West London gives us a taste of his amazing skill to capture the stillness of a landscape as well as the splendour and grandness of some of today’s architecture. ‘What lies beneath the surface’ displays, from across Europe, landscapes as their creator intended – natural, untamed and free from the impact of humankind. From the following interview you will begin to get a feel for Sargent’s passion for his profession, “There are elements of romanticism, the spiritual & political in this work. In a way I just want to say as much as I can using as little information as possible.”
Guy Sargent has an uncanny knack for capturing feeling in his work; whether it be the quiet calmness and serenity of an undisturbed,  rocky English shore – or the humbled, awe inspired feeling when one stands in the shadow of the Grande Arche…

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Sebastian Irarrazaval- Pedro Lira House

lira (9).jpg

I was delighted to hear that one of my favourite architects and designers Sebastian Irarrazaval has been awarded for his ‘Pedro Lira House’ and will also feature in the just published Phaidon atlas of the 21st century World Architecture  –
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