Indie Magazine Back From the Dead

Rough Review has an exclusive interview with editor of independent magazine, Dujour, coming up. We all thought up until yesterday, that Dujour was lying in a shallow, eco-friendly grave. However, the fashionable New Yorkers are back and ready to share their story with their loyal readers.

If Dujour is new to you, it is –

“a print and digital magazine which is published bi-monthly, featuring articles on fashion and style, beauty and shopping. Founded by editor Letitia Burrell, Dujour is exactly what I’ve been searching to satisfy my craving for new and exciting fashion inspiration.

Burrell began Dujour as “she was uninspired with what was being offered on newsstands and felt nothing could relate to her in terms of high fashion that inspired while at the same time mixed with realistic fashion she could attain, all with a generous dose or artsy fun and intelligence” – About,”

La Revue du Jour, Rough

Dujour wants to answer all your questions about the magazine, where they’ve been and what they plan for the future as well as a general discussion about the future of independent magazine publishing.

To leave your questions for Dujour and to find out more, please visit Rough

Calling all creatives!! I want you! To write for Design Tavern

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I have mentioned this before in passing – but I would like to formally announce that I am now actively looking for writers for Design Tavern –

I’m looking for people who can write a post once a week –

ANY of the following will make you an excellent candidate:

-A blog of your own

Some writing experience
though this certainly doesn’t have to be on a professional level

Time to write one post per week
they can take only a few minutes

A love of Design
remember ‘Design’ is a broad term – there are many different creative fields!

– Something to share with the Design Tavern Community

All guest bloggers will receive :
– a ‘contributors bio’ on the about page
– A link to their own blog/site
– Full credit for their written work
+ any other misc. promotion available.

If you are interested – simply vist the contact page or email me

Image by Chris Owens

Obama Art and a guest blogging gig!



I have recently been invited By Greg over at 2modern Design blog to be a guest blogger –
Check out my post over there featuring the Obama street art that has emerged in recent months

Best Design Blogs of 2008



Apartment Therapy are taking nominations for the best home design blog of 2008 in ‘the Homies 2008’

Try a few examples here

It’s great to see Manvi from getting a few mentions!

Check out her stuff! I’m sure you’ll agree she’s a good candidate for the award, Mochatini has got my vote!


3 quirky Christmas gifts from Chinny Chin Chin


1. Cheapskate Cards Pack.
 From Sydney based design company Chinny Chin Chin comes these possible (and perhaps alternative!) chrsitmas gifts. 

From the unWORTHY CAUSES COLLECTION comes these lovely stickers, remember if you do see the regrettable tattoo support group or the friends of women with facial hair, to please give generously.

Details »

Not Quite Art – Series 2 out now!

Centuries ago, ‘art’ was something enjoyed by the wealthy upper class – for something to be considered ‘art’, it had to meet certain standard sand credentials, something only a trained artist was capable of producing. Since then, however, the concept of ‘art’ has changed considerably. Now, in the 21st century, it has been completely revolutionised. Marcus Westbury’s doco, Not Quite Art explores underground art and the culture that revolves around it – and part 2 is now complete. Details »

introducing Design tavern – Art, Architecture & Design

Attention all you architects, designers and creative beings. If you have a desire to get your work out into the world, a new up and coming web community focused on design and the arts is looking for innovative and fresh contributors.
The blog based site will allow you to showcase your own ideas and designs in a cutting-edge format. Not only will you be provided with a place to get seen or heard, but the site will also serve as a hub for all creatively inclined individuals to discuss and share their ideas with the rest of the world.
So whatever your field of expertise, if you have a great idea that you’d like to get out there, please go the contact tab- we’d love to have you on board.