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Classic Penguin books have a fresh typographic face-lift

I’m sure you have in your travels come across the classic minimalist Penguin classic covers

Well, a number of the classic reads have had a bit of a face-lift thanks to a group of designers and Aids awareness fund (RED) teaming up with the book publisher Penguin books

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Editorial Design

It was only yesterday when @designtavern and myself were in my ordinary local newsagent, buying the latest issue of Frankie. The friendly man behind the counter, by no means Frankie’s target demographic, remarked happily “I love the design of this one, it’s really great!”.

This is someone who looks at the hundreds of different covers every single month. So you know what? I’m inclined to trust his judgement.

Editorial design is now going beyond merely getting a mag off the shelves and into the hands eager readers. Intricate folds, a nod to minimalism and all things organic, perhaps this shift is just what the magazine industry needs.

These two publications have quickly become two of my all-time faves –

Editorial Design is an amazing book, exploring both the fundamental principles of magazine design (i.e; get a product off the shelves) but also pays homage to some of the outstanding publications of yesteryear. From grid principles to Vogue layouts, it’s a must read for any magazine enthusiast, those who write and those that work behind the scenes.

IdN’s latest issue is dedicated to celebrating the wonders of modern editorial design. The pages are positively littered with innovative publications that push the boundaries in terms of design. From intricate folding publications, to fresh and exciting typography, it’s a truly inspirational issue. As for the free DVD included, it’s a muuuust must have.