midori-san – The blogging house plant

Only in Japan…
Meet midori-san,  the blogging house plant.Through sensors connected to the leaves of this Sweetheart Hoya reads bioelectric currents through the plant, this gives information about the lighting coondition, temperature, humidity etc. An algorithm created by the Keio University Hiroya Tanaka Laboratory translates this data into japanese sentences. In this way the plant gives information about the weather and his personal condition. Blog-readers can also activate a lamp to give the midori-san a threat, which is often immediately replied by a thank you from the plant.

Original link at: http://www.nextnature.net/?p=2878

I wonder if you leave Midori-san out in the sun her blog reads “water me ffs!”
Oh god, i called it her…

State of the industry – Architects in turmoil

An article from the Age describes a bleak outlook for Architects in the upcoming years.

“One source put the Melbourne job losses at more than 100, with such firms as John Wardle, Hassell, Bates Smart, ARM and Hayball all believed to have made cuts.”

Some of the biggest names in Australian architecture are having to lay off their workers, making the world financial crisis a scary reality for many – the cuts come as a direct result of clients tightening their belts, and deferring major projects –
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